Tuesday, 19 July 2016

SRP Proposal

Here is my SRP proposal which I completed last term. I received 11/12 for it and the area where I lost marks was the method because it was not clear as to how I would measure the amount of oxidized areas on the apple. So, to resolve this issue, I diced the apples into small cubes and put 100 of them in each of the bowls so that it is easy to determine which brown squares had oxidized.

To discover if apples will oxidize when lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and tap water has been spread onto the surface of the apple slices.

The lemon juice will have the biggest impact on preventing the apple to turn brown.

Equipment list (including quantities, brands, sizes)
  1. 3x lemon
  2. 100 mL of tap water
  3. 100 mL of  extra virgin olive oil
  4. 100 mL of vinegar
  5. 1x sieve
  6. 1x pair of tongs
  7. 4x bowls (plastic or glass)
  8. 1x foil sheet
  9. 1x stopwatch or timer

Risk Assessment
Use recommended template on Enable (print and attach to this proposal)
  1. All materials were collected and put on the counter table
  2. The 4 bowls were spread out across the table
  3. The lemon was cut into 2cm slices
  4. 100 mL of water was poured in a bowl
  5. 100 mL of Extra Virgin Olive Oil was poured in a bowl
  6. 100mL of Vinegar was poured in a bowl
  7. The apple was cut into 2cm slices  
  8. The stopwatch was set to 3 minutes
  9. At the same time, 3 apple slices were dropped into each bowl and the timer was started
  10. After 3 minutes was up, using the tongs, the apple slices were removed from the bowl and placed on foil
  11. The timer was then reset to 180 minutes and the apple slices were left in the shade and the timer was started
  12. The apple slices were observed and the amount of brown spots on the apple was recorded

Outline of variables
  • The type of substances used to cover the apples - vinegar, lemon juice, tap water and olive oil.
  • The reaction of oxidation. How brown the apples become overtime.
  • Type of apple
  • Size of apple slice
  • Amount of liquid substances being exact
  • Environment (if some sun is exposed on the apple slice)
  • Set time or amount of time exposed

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