Sunday, 3 July 2016

Trial SRP

I have conducted the trial experiment for my SRP. The science and theory behind the experiment worked but there were a few issues that came across in the trial SRP. Here are the issues and the solutions I have come up with to prevent an inaccurate experiment:

  1. problem - sun being exposed on some of the apple cubes. solution - all of the bowls with the apple slices were moved into the pantry where there were doors so the same amount of light was exposed onto all of the different bowls. 
  2. problem - finding out how much of the apples had turned brown solution - originally, my plan was to cut the apples into slices but then it became clear to me that the strategy used to find out how much of the apple slice had oxidized was hard as there was no exact proportion and it would be very hard to get an accurate result. So, I used an apple dicer that dices the apples into small cubes. I would then pick out 100 of the small cubes and that way it is easier to see how many apple cubes have oxidized. This is a good strategy because you can then find out as a percentage, decimal and fraction how many of the cubes have oxidized in each of the substances. 
  3. problem - as soon as the apple is cut it has started to oxidize so as soon as they are cut into slices the timer has to start because they are exposed to the oxygen solution - an extra 1 minute has been added to the method where the apples are cut and dices in the apple dicer and then they would be put into the different solutions.  

  1. (this link is a PICTURE of the apple dicer and what it looks like)

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